Calling all Domestic Goddesses

     Now that the Holidays have come and gone, its time to start focusing on those New Years resolutions. One of mine every year is to incorporate more crafts and be organized while doing them…with 3 littles running around, organization seems to be non-existent.  It’s time to change that!!! This valuable information that I have received has helped my girls and I so much, our projects ends up being a pleasant experience from start to finish!!!  I would like to Share an awesome article from the super talented Sophia with “Tidy Cleaners London”  to help all of us start that New Year off right!!


Cleaning and organizing tips when crafting with kids
When it comes to crafting with kids, many parents link it with long hours of cleaning after. It is true that these small bandits can create a variety of messes in a blink of an eye but we shouldn’t forget that such activities are supposed to bring them fun. Crafting is one of the best ways for kids to express their creativity and spend valuable time with their parents. There are many things that you can do in order to avoid the tedious cleaning after. By organising the crafting session in a proper way, you also will be able to enjoy it without worrying over cleaning.
Here are several tips how to keep the things under control
Ensure enough free space
Move the working table away from the upholstered furniture, the carpet and all walls. In this way, you prevent the appearance of any sprinkles around. If possible use wooden or plastic tall chairs or cover them with some old sheets. Place an old sheet under the table as well. Make sure that it is big enough to take in also the chairs. In the end, put a worn out tablecloth on the table.
Choose appropriate clothing
Give freedom to your kids and let them work undisturbed. There is no point telling them to be careful all the time. For this reason, your children should be wearing a home clothing that can take any sprinkles or stains. If your little girl has e long hair, don’t miss to tie it.
Observe your kids
As you also participate in the crafting, your job is to observe your children and help them when necessary. Don’t use any commanding voice, be patient and navigate their hand from time to time. Make sure that all materials are situated close enough and your kid doesn’t need to reach out for them. If there are any empty jars or containers, remove them from the working area right away.
While your kids are having fun inspect the crafting area
Keep a clean wet cloth near at hand and if you notice any wet or dirty areas, remove them. Clean on the go and don’t interrupt your children. By eliminating any dirty areas during the crafting session,  you are actually decreasing the time for cleaning after it. Another valuable tip is to keep the bucket mop also within easy. If by any chance your children spill water on the floor you will be able to react fast.
Escort your kids to the bathroom after fun time
When your children become abstracted and lose interested in what they are doing, it simply means that it is time to put an end to the crafting session. Otherwise, they may start slobbering and this is when the real mess starts. Take your kids to the bathroom and wash their hands and face. After that, change their clothes and load the laundry in the washing machine. Move all materials from the table to the sink. Remove the tablecloth as well as the sheeting from the floor. Wipe the table, mop the floor and bring back all furniture to its rightful place.
For kids crafting is linked with fun and exploring. Such activities help them to develop valuable skills. Implement these tips and you also will look at it as a pleasant activity. Organise the session in such a convenient way and it won’t be necessary to spend long hours trying to eliminate the sprinkles from the walls. The most important, however, is that you will spend some time with your kids without worrying about secondary activities.
As always Enjoy!!


One thought on “Calling all Domestic Goddesses

  1. Some great ideas here! I always make sure I have a clean up station set up to wash hands (my daughter is a toddler so wants to wash her hands often). Once my daughter was trained not to smear hands over furniture and stay in the craft zone it actually became really enjoyable for both of us

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