Valentines Day!!

Valentines Day is fast approaching! along with the same struggle that I have year after year.  What to get the BEST hubby and father ever?? (In my opinion!).  As adults we can just mosey on down to the store and buy things as we need them… this makes it extra difficult when you want to create an element of surprise and gift that special someone with something that is both meaningful and useful.   How about the gift of TIME?!?!  We deal with time in our everyday lives, TIME is our everyday life…sometimes we wish we had more of it.  What if that precious gift came in a beautiful and elegant time-piece? Something that is fashionable and useful in our everyday lives.

This year we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with JORD watches to help deliver this precious and amazing gift to that special someone this Valentines Day!! Believe me when I say that these timepieces are nothing short of spectacular!! They are very unique in that they are all hand-crafted wood…yup, you heard that right wooden watches!  With the different types of wood used from Bamboo to Maple these watches come in a wide range of colors and looks that is sure to compliment anyones style.  JORD even took things a step further and added the opportunity to be able to have your timepiece engraved with a special sentiment that takes this gift to another level.  The little ladies chose Hyde Series (Ebony and Iron) for their daddy because its “fashion” as one of the girls called it.  I personally think it brought a very sophisticated and fashionable look to his everyday attire! (Not that he could get any more handsome!)

DSC03161 2

I can keep going on and on about what a wonderful product this is…I think It’s time to show you!!

Now that you’ve seen all this happiness in a time-piece!! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret!!… u ready?? JORD is allowing my readers (because your all amazing!) to enter a GIVEAWAY!! Every entrant will get an automatic 10% discount towards the watch of their choice, and One lucky winner will get a $100 USD gift code!!! It’s a WIN WIN!! Why wait any loner, the search is over!! Hurry, the giveaway ends 2/4/2018.  GIVEAWAY!!
 I guarantee that special Valentine will not be disappointed!! I’ve even picked out the time-piece I want… “wink” “wink” hubby!!!  Happy Shopping Everyone!!


**This Post has been sponsored by JORD watches and all opinions are solely those of 3lilladiesnme**




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