Beautiful last-minute Gift Idea!!


Does this Picture look familiar???

This sometimes seems to be all of us at one time or another, life just happens all around you. Before you know it a holiday is fast approaching and you have done nothing to prepare for it.  Believe me, I’ve been there!! Even being a blogger trying to stay one holiday ahead, and being able to bring you all the latest and greatest!  Well, this gift I want to share with you is for women and men alike or practically anyone you give routinely holiday cards to.   Actually, you can give this sweet gift to anyone for ANY holiday!! What is this amazing gift you ask?!?!   A JOURNAL!… a journal, you say??? Yes, but this journal you’ll keep forever because it holds all the sweet sentiments from your loved ones through the years!!
I got this sweet gift idea from an amazing family member who wanted to avoid all the clutter that comes with old greeting cards that she wants to hang on to.  GENIUS right!!  I thought so too.


About 4 years ago my husband gave me this gorgeous gift, a beautifully wrapped purple journal that was embossed with flowers and a sweet butterfly. It was a gift for Mothers Day! I opened the present and at first though, “Oh, how sweet.  He wants me to start journaling or use it like a diary”. Then I opened it, only to find the first of several amazingly beautiful sentiments of love from my husband telling me what a wonderful mother I was (Getting teary just thinking about it).   I turn the page and find that both of my 3-year-old twins each drew me some absolutely darling pictures. Last but not least My hubby put a picture of my newborn in the journal with her baby hand print!! Cute huh?!?!
All my loves have been adding to my journal ever since!  I have 4 amazing years of wonderful memories stored in a special little book that I will tresure forever. I know Hallmark probably won’t appreciate this post… (Sorry Hallmark!) but, it sure beats spending anywhere between 2-6$ for a card that will probably end up in the trash the next day.  So… even though this is a “last minute” gift, it will bring so much joy to the receiver for a lifetime!!

Happy Shopping friends 💗

**Look, the shopping was done for you 😉**


IMG_3408 2Target Journals

IMG_3409 Barnes & Noble Journals

IMG_3410Walmart Journals










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