Skin Care tips from a Dermatology nurse

Part two in the Skin Series


Working in Medicine especially Dermatology definitely has its perks!! I have been fortunate enough to try pretty much every medical grade skin care line, and Aesthetic procedure to date… including Botox and Fillers!! (Thats another post). ¬†Along the way I have picked up some extremely valuable knowledge that I would love to share with you!!

First off just know that genetics and the environment play a huge role in our skin and overall health, (Age unfortunately also contributes ūüėß) . ¬†The skin being our largest organ of the body effects a great many things. We definitely need to take care of the skin that we have…Speaking specifically of the face, the place that makes that first and very important first impression. ¬†When considering products for the face you’ll want to think of what I call the “Skin Care Trinity” These will be your most fav and your absolute “go to” products. ¬†Are you ready?? ¬†Here it is…

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Sunscreen!!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Lets start with Vitamin A… aka Tretinoin, Retin-A, Tazorac etc. ¬†The purpose for the retinoid or Vitamin A is to help with the cell turnover in the skin which our skin does naturally. (It basically speeds up the process). ¬†Vitamin A helps with so many things: ¬†acne breakouts, evens skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, pre-cancerous lesions, sun damage, and collagen repair just to name a few. ¬† Once you commit to going this route you’ll have to decide if you want prescription or physician strength? ¬†They are both eqully effective, it just depends on your skin type. ¬† For example: If you have sensitive skin its easier to start with physician strength (only sold in physicians office) it’s not as strong, ¬†and is tolerated better. ¬†If you have oily or acneic skin you may want to pull out the big guns. ¬†You’ll want to see your family physician or Dermatologist to get the prescription you need. ¬†Now, FYI… Insurance does not like to cover these kind of meds. Bummer, I know!!! ¬†Insurance unfortunately sees it as being a medicine that is primarily used for cosmetic reasons (even sometimes for an acne diagnosis). ¬†You might want to call around to get the best price. Sometimes you can get it cheaper as a generic in a compounding pharmacy. ¬† Once you get your hands on your “miracle medicine” ¬†you’ll want to start immediately and apply as much as possible to get all these amazing benefits. ¬† STOP!!! ¬†These types of medicines can be very over-drying at first until your skin gets acclimated to it. ¬†I recommend starting slowly maybe a couple times a week at night and mixed with a nighttime moisturizer. ¬†Even with a little dryness DONT STOP!!! You’ll thank me for it in a couple months!!

Next you want to incorporate a Vitamin C or antioxidant. ¬†These are typically a lotion, cream, or serum that you will use daily under your sunscreen and/or makeup. ¬†The purpose for the antioxidant is to give the environmental protection (protects from free radicals, pollution, cigarette smoke etc.) that your sunscreens and lotion don’t combat against. ¬†BONUS…antioxidants also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness and brightening your complexion. Definitely a win in my book! ¬†You will find that some antioxidants are tailored to a specific skin type ie: oily, dry, or acneic. ¬†Find the one that will be more beneficial to you.

And last…Sunscreen!!!! I could definitely go on and on… and on about sunscreen. ¬†Soooo rather than bore you to death. ¬†I’ll just say “See last Blog Post on Sunscreen”

And that’s it! ¬†All you need to get gorgeous, youthful, and vibrant skin in no time. ¬†If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask… and, don’t forget to check back soon for the last post in the skin series talking about some of the fun stuff…Botox, Fillers, and lasers!!!



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