The TRUE story of the Grinch Pole!!!


I love that the Holidays can be such a joyous and magical time (insert sarcasm). There’s extra decor everywhere, all the cooking and baking, everyone is together every moment of every day.  The taking of the perfect family photo for the Christmas card,  that you never get out in time. Getting that one perfect gift for your littles.  You know, the gift that every other child in America wants. Or how about making sure you don’t leave anyone out of the gift giving but still are able to pay the light bill?!?! lol.  Well, now that I’ve totally bummed you out… lol.  Here is a fun way to make light of the situation and have a good chuckle!! We have implemented a GRINCH pole in our family.  Yup, a real pole. You know, the proverbial “Pole up the A@$”.😮😮😮 Any time someone is grouchy or being just plain mean (like daddy when he’s driving and someone cuts him off) well, that person will get a tick mark by their name on the “Christmas Grinch” board.  The good thing is the kids have no idea what it really means… all they know is their behavior is on notice and they might win the Grinch award at the end of the Holiday Season.  Honestly, there really is no award, it’s just bragging rights that they were grumpy 😂😂.



This awesome idea came from some dear friends of ours that started this “Holiday Pole” tradition, and would call out the person that “had the pole” (believe me, it was pretty funny when cocktails were consumed).  All the adults knew what it meant but, the kids were left out!  Thus came The Grinch Pole!! It ended up being a super simple project consisting of a wooden dowel, wooden base, wood glue, paint and holiday decorations!!  Now that I think of it there are so many themes that can be incorporated and can be a lot of fun.  Hopefully this idea might bring a little silliness and fun to some of those holiday blues.

As Always!!  Enjoy!!


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