A league of her own

Whew…Finally I’m actually able to actually sit down and post our latest party on the blog!! Needless to say everyone had “a ball” hehehe!!  It was one of the easiest parties we have ever thrown!!  It all started when Miss Kammy saw a picture of her daddy playing baseball in college! now…shes hooked.  Picking a theme at that point was super easy…when you think of girls baseball the first thing that came to my mind was ” A league of their own”!!  I mean, we haven’t seen the movie in years and can still quote it perfectly!!

We first decided that every baseball party starts with a Welcome sign and scoreboard!!! We used black and white poster boards from dollar tree, broke out the ol Cricut machine and voila!



I consulted my friend Pinterest and stumbled across this cute  Etsy shop that made the most adorable vintage baseball invites…And, the rest is history.  I have to rave about Amy with Sassaby Party Co.  She makes the most amazing party packs!! and will go out of her way to customize anything that your heart desires.  She was so prompt in our correspondence and always made sure things were done correctly and efficiently.  After receiving our final draft of the party pack, the downloads were e-mailed  to our local Fed-Ex to be printed on cardstock!


Amy’s party pack set the theme and mood for the party!! we were able to incorporate pretty red, white and peach colors (very girly).  Amy also custom-made these adorable baseball cards that we were able to give out, that way everyone had an updated photo of the birthday girl!! They were such a cute addition to the decor!


The party table was the most fun to put together!! Just think Popcorn, peanuts and cracker jacks!! We were able to find most of the snacks at the dollar tree so things ended up being pretty reasonable. On the plus side who doesn’t love a party with tons of junk food…we definitely didn’t have much left!!

The Birthday girl was ecstatic when she saw all of her “Yummies” I would say that she was on a good sugar high the rest of the day.  At least all the little munchkins had fun!!


All the munchkins ate from vintage hot dog wrappers and left with a souvenir bat and ball.  Word to the wise,  If you do these party favors, make sure they don’t open them until they get home!! You will thank me later!

Hope y’all enjoyed seeing all the craziness that is our parties!! Cant wait for y’all to join us on the next one!!


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