Not your same boring Teacher Gift 🍎

You know when your just having “One of those days” either at work or home??? Sometimes I find that a good cry, ice cream, or wine helps. But, what if you can’t do any of that at the moment… say in a classroom setting with a bunch of kids around!!
WELL, Pinterest has some super cute ideas for back to school teacher gifts. And of course we made one!! We found another version and tweaked things a little.
✏️ First get any container you can find. I’ve seen this done in craft boxes, small tackle            boxes etc. pretty much anything with a lid. We chose these really inexpensive pencil boxes, that way when all the “good stuff” is gone they are re-usable.

FullSizeRender 59

✂️Then the goods!! Since we’re coming into fall and stores are already stocking for Halloween (I know crazy huh 😕) They have all the assorted mini chocolate bags available. I recommend getting your favorite chocolate because you will have some left and you know ANY teacher (unless they are from another planet) will like the chocolate too.

FullSizeRender 60

🍎 Last you’ll need your cute tag or label. There are some cute ones on Pinterest for download… or, to save you time you can print out the fun one we made!!! You can also get a little fun with the presentation… add stickers, a bow, or even pics of your lil student!!

IMG_8049🍎Download Here🍎

Have Fun Getting Creative for all those amazing teachers in your life!!


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