The ultimate “MOM” bag !!

So funny story… I take the ladies to our local spray park every Monday like clockwork because, well there’s one of me and three of them. They can’t get out of the park, I can watch all three at the same time and they can’t drown.  WIN WIN if u ask me.  So long story short, as I’m waiting in line with all the other mammas for this water happiness to open…I look down the line to see literally five other ladies carrying the same “mom bag” (I wish I took a photo😂) same bag but different colors!  How awesome, we all have the same great taste, or we all know how to keep the million things we need in a convenient bag.   Lets face it, staying organized with one child is a feat so imagine trying with multiple children…its non existent!!   So, what is this AWESOME bag you ask??

“Large Utility Tote” from Thirty OneFullSizeRender 50


It’s the “large utility tote” from    Thirty One.  Let me tell you, this thing holds everything!!  In the Summer I keep it in my trunk with all the lil ladies swim suits, towels, sunscreen, pool floaties and a change of clothes FOR 3 KIDS!  Ive also seen ladies at the grocery store load up their bags with groceries, and moms take the bags to sporting events because they hold soooo much.  Now, I am no way affiliated with the “Thirty One” brand but after seeing Five of us busy mammas with our bags…other ladies need to know too.


The neat thing about these other than the fact that they are awesome is that you can pick from all these fun colors and patterns.  They change everything up according to the time of year which is really fun and you get really creative with any personalization.

FullSizeRender 52

Plus, who can say that their bag doubles as a play pen!! hehehe!

So when your ready to join the Mom bag club I believe there are several ways to go about ordering yours.  If you go the Thirty-One website they will put you in contact with a local representative or if you know of any friends having a party you could always order that way.  I personally have an AMAZING lady Michelle’s “Totes” Adorbs! I go to for all my organization needs, she will answer any questions you may have and also keeps you up to date on all the awesome specials!!

Hope this post helps organize the mom thats always on the go…It has definitely helped me!!


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