🌺Summer Fun Activity🌺

Yah!!! It’s finally SUMMER!  I thought it would never get here. I’m so excited to let the girls stay up a little later, relax in their PJ’s a little longer and live in their bathing suits all day.  I like the idea of being a little more lax with the kids, but still keeping them on track with chores and doing their part to help out!! I found the cutest lil project that will keep the ladies busy but that will teach them responsibilities and be fun at the same time!

Remember the pots of grass I started a couple months ago??  Well those came out darling for our Easter place card holders!! But…now I have 6 terra-cotta pots with grass. Now what to do??



I got the cutest idea from Pinterest…I know I know!! but they had kids grow grass out of cups, egg shells, and K-pods etc.  I figured, right on!! The hard part is over.  Just add some craft eyes a smile and Voila!! a cute face with hair!! Now, if you don’t already have this stuff. Good News!! You can purchase all of the things you’ll need at Walmart or your local craft store for less than 5$. And… it’s the craft that keeps on giving, (hopefully) or until that green thumb turns black 😬

FullSizeRender 31.jpg

The ladies now go straight outside after they wake up and water their grass heads along with ALL of my other plants. YES!! It’s a WIN WIN!  They know that if they don’t take care and water them daily they won’t have the grass to style and cut at the end of the week.  We now look forward to hair cutting day! I do have to say…Even with the cute hair ties and bows all our heads end up with a short flat top 😆  I guess Its more fun to cut than style!!


Hopefully soon you can start your Summer fun project… and make some fun summer memories too!!





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