I’m Baaack!!!

Hi Friends, hope this end of the school year post finds you a little less crazy and ready for the Summer fun ahead!!! I’ve had such a fun time getting ready for the girls end of the year gifts for their teachers!! These wonderful people amaze me on a daily basis, their creativity and relentless and unwavering support of our little ones is beyond measure. It’s fun to send something that “I hope” will bring a smile or at least a chuckle to these amazing educators!!

This year I wanted to piggy-back off last year and add something that they can use over and over agin. I added some personalized un-breakable wine glasses, if they don’t drink wine I guess it can be their new fancy water glass.  It’s somewhat unnerving because I don’t know the teachers at that level…do they drink wine? do they not drink wine? But after some constant questioning of my teacher friends…they have unanimously agreed that they would love a gift like this!!

I first started with my favorite store The Dollar Tree and found these amazing summer wine glasses…you know the unbreakable kind (and BPA free).  I also found all of our gift bags and tissue paper for an awesome price!  hehehe!! I also purchased the wine from Total wine for a great price…sometimes if you buy several at a time you do get a discount!!

Next I went back to one of my most favorite Etsy shops BeINKspired. They have such fun invites  and make some great custom labels for any occasion.  They are wonderful to work with, and the turnaround time is super fast.  You will get 2 labels per 8 x 11 sheet.  I find it’s easiest to e-mail your label PDF to your nearest Fed Ex or Staples and have these printed on sticker paper.  You can do this at home on your printer but I find that the picture quality is a little better through these printing companies.


Now that we have our amazing wine label time to start on the cute wine glasses.  I was lucky enough to receive a Cricut for Mothers Day!! (Thanks my loves) But, if you don’t have one you can find a lot of ETSY shops that sell personalized vinyl transfers.  Or, shoot…just E-mail me 😃 Once you have these personalized labels you are ready to rock and roll!!


You just peel, center and stick to your wine glasses. You’ll have the cutest finished product!!

FullSizeRender 16IMG_5757

I hope this post helps give ideas on where to start as well as making things more affordable!!!  Have Fun…your teachers will love it!!


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