DIY-oh- my!

Ok mamas…Im gonna save my sanity and yours! or, at lest our feet.  If your kids are anything like mine than you probably have all these little itty bitty torture devices scattered all over you floor.  I’ve ive searched high and lowand found several different things to organize legos on both Etsy and Pinterest.

Heres a couple of my fav’s:


I absolutely loved all these great ideas… but, Things get pricey.  I have to buy everything x 3!!  Believe me, even if I buy 3 of the same exact thing, color, shape, etc. the ladies will still fight over it.  After some searching online and in local stores I found some awesome 15.75 x 15.75 lego mats on amazon.  lego Baseplate it’s a 4 pack for $20.

These baseplate’s come in handy because they are great size to build on but,  still can be mobile!!  I sent my very handy DIY hubby to “Man Land” aka Home Depot, to gather some things to frame the baseplate.  We ended up purchasing a 1″x2″x6′ piece of wood for $2.50 and got a 2’x4′ sheet of plywood for $5.  We…or should I say he, cut the boards to size approx to fit the baseplate and screwed them together on a backboard.


A little dark stain and some sandpaper later (you know me and rustic 😂) and VOILA!!


When all is said and done each mat ran about $12 to make!! Not to shabby!

And, its munchkin approved!!


Alright mama’s get going on your projects!! Your feet will Thank Me!!

FullSizeRender 8



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