Friday Family Fun!!

Friday Evenings…wht can I say about Friday evenings?  Whew!!! These very welcomed nights are all about “family time” no computers, no phones, etc.  After such hectic weeks with school, sports and lots of homework (mom’s you know what Im talking about) Families, especially ours needs time to re-group and just enjoy each others company!  This past weekend we treated the lil ladies with a new movie…TROLLS!!! Absolutely darling movie by the way!! But, movie night isn’t complete until you dress the part too.

I found the cutest idea on Pinterest and thought what the heck it could be amazing!! The neat thing about these is that they were super easy and inexpensive to make. Im talking all three troll heads for under 10$.  The headbands themselves were from th Dollar Tree (6 for a dollar) and the tulle was on sale at Michaels for 2$ a spool!!  I took maybe 30 min to make all 3, and it was something that the ladies could be involved in.  They’ll enjoy them so much more knowing all the hard work that went into making them!!


Have Fun…enjoy the time together!!

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